Classical & Classic Blues

A. J. Julian
12854 S. W. Doug Drive
Lake Suzy
Arcadia, Florida 34266-3756

Fax 941-255-1350 Phone 941-255-9881 Email:


My career for over 35 years has been in the music industry mainly promoting, marketing jazz, classical and latin music. I have developed the Concord Record Label into one of the most successful and top-selling jazz lines in the United States and Canada. Currently, I am providing services for a number of independent labels.

I have established an independent promotion and marketing company, Improvisational Promotions, and I can provide your label the same type of service as follows:

If you have any questions regarding my services, please feel free to call me at:

941-255-9881 after 3:00 p.m.
Fax: 941-255-1350

or write me at the address above.

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