Classical & Classic Blues
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Call Letters _______________________________

Address: _____________________ City: _______________State: ____ Zip: ________

Geographical Location: ____________________________________________________________________
(within state, nearest large city in signal range)

College: _________________ NPR Affiliate ______________ Public Station _________

Phone No.: ( ___)_____________ Do You Have CD Players ___________________

Wattage: ______________________________

Description of Format: _____________________________________________________________________
(rock, AOR, MOR, A/C, free form, Jazz, Jazz/Classical)

Music Director:___________________ Jazz Director:__________________________

Closest Retail Store (with Jazz Dept.) Name: ____________________________
Address: ______________________________Phone:
( ___)___________________

Do You Report to any Trade Magazine Yes/No
If so, please list: ________________________________________________________

Do You Publish A Playlist __________ How Frequently ________________________

Number of Hours Per Week Programming:

Jazz ________________Classical ____________Specific Latin Programs __________
Hours of Station Operation: __________________________________________
On the back of this survey, include a chart of your program schedule
Sunday through Saturday, including locally-originated Jazz programs.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Please print and return to:
Albert Julian
12854 S. W. Doug Drive, Lake Suzy, Arcadia, FL 34266-3756

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Title: _____________________________ Date: ____________

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